Ennichisai 2019 Japan Festival

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Ennichisai 2019 Japan Festival

Japanese Festival (Matsuri) Little Tokyo Ennichisai which brings more than 300,000 visitors will be held again in 2019 on June 22-23. Located in the Blok M area, this year is the implementation of the 10th Ennichisai and celebrated as the 10th Anniversary with the aim of promoting the Blok M area with many Japanese restaurants and shopping areas that are suitable as tourist destinations in Jakarta. Supported by the Japanese embassy and the government of the city of South Jakarta & Sound System Production Electropro, Ennichisai is a yearly event awaited in Indonesia.

This year Ennichisai took the theme "Danketsu" or "Unity". The theme was made considering that Ennichisai is an event that unites various kinds of visitors and does not discriminate anyone who is present in Ennichisai, all unite to enjoy the excitement, such as the unity of Indonesia that is established because it will welcome the government after the election. This Along with the change of emperor in Japan, which is entering an era called REIWA (Beautiful Harmony) which means "peace and harmony", Ennichisai is expected to unite the spirit of Indonesian unity and Japanese harmony in the new era of change for peace and friendship. The logo is made by Calligrapher Taro Todoroki from Japan, and this year there will also be a booth to provide workshops in Ennichisai.

There will be lots of interesting Japanese shows such as Mikoshi, Dashi, Taiko, Geisha, Cosplay and others. Also visit hundreds of Japanese food and knick-knacks booths in Ennichisai! Especially for this year, Ennichisai will not only spoil Japanese food and culture fans. The educational booth area is made for visitors who are interested in finding information for schools in Japan. There are several schools and institutions present at the Education Area near the Pop Stage.

There are 8 booths that will fill this area, including Gakushudo, Sendai Ikuei Gakuen (High School), JEI Consulting, GLOBIS Asia Campus Singapore, Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute, Yokohama International Education Academy, ECC Kokusai College of Foreign Languages, Interculture Language Academy. Some of these schools can be checked on the website: jeducation.co.id.


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